ilana mullin

front end web developer

Hi! i've never liked building portfolio sites, and frankly, i never seem to have the time. What really matters to me is clean code and building sites in creative ways.

i love front end code. html being my bread, css is the butter and framework theming is my jam. Lets make toast!

*why the llama on a muffin? because it's the only way i HAVEN'T seen my name misspelled.


I am a contract developer and strategist for a selective group of clients.

For the last four years i worked as senior front end developer for digital marketing at webtrends. In that position i had the great fortune of working with an awesome creative team who has helped me push my skills to the next level. Once terrified by javascript, i now relish the chance to try something new. i strive to be the one answering questions as opposed to asking them.

i live in portland oregon, but grew up in beautiful northern california.

some work i've done:

Webtrends Corporate Website (12/2014 launch) - SMS integration

Did You Know Data Can Do That? - Winner of a 2013 Webvisionary Award

Backstage Access

get connected:

talk to me: ilana.mullin@gmail

professional stuff: linkedin/ilanamullin